Think of the Big Picture with a Website Promotion Strategy

Think of the Big Picture with a Website Promotion Strategy

When promoting your website, you may lose yourself in the details, such as advanced search engine optimization techniques or detailed statistics. In such case, you need a high-level strategy for your website promotion if you have not created one yet.

What is a Website Promotion Strategy?

A website promotion strategy is a plan that will steer each action you make on your website in order to promote it. You may tell yourself that you can simply apply all the possible promotion strategies for your site! You can if you have a team dedicated for promoting your website. This is rarely the case unless the site in question is already popular.

You must already be thinking of link building, search engine optimization or other advertising promotion methods. But before you can lay the grounds to your solution and strategy, it is important to think of the goals of your website.

Promotion Strategy in its Right Place

To help you understand where a website promotion strategy lays in the overall planning of a site, here is an overview of the main steps before you reach an action (such as buying ads)

  1. Objectives - Are you seeking more buyers? More traffic? More subscribers? More members of a community? It is important to know what matters most of you, if you cannot decide on one, rank them.
  2. Strategy - As example: How will you get more people buying your products? It could be by getting more visitors, by making your site more user friendly, by getting more targeted visitors, etc.
  3. Metrics - How will you measure that you are moving towards your goal? Sales? Conversion Rates? Referrers? The metric will help you stay on track.
  4. Actions - Now you may think on actions such as web design usability for conversions, search engine optimization for organic traffic building, etc.

These are of course examples which may or may not apply to you - you need to brainstorm on your own promotion strategy. It is important here to make the difference between your website promotion strategy and your overall website strategy and goals which might be more niche to a topic or industry.

I hope this post stirred some thoughts about website promotion. If you would like to read more useful promotion tips, subscribe to our RSS feed.

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Think of the Big Picture with a Website Promotion Strategy

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