Google Valentine's Day Card Received with $100 AdWords Coupon Code!

Google Valentine's Day Card Received with $100 AdWords Coupon Code!

Today, we received a Valentine's Day card from Google! With a $100 AdWords Coupon and a QR Code!

It seemed to have been sent to Canadian AdSense Publishers judging from the generic salutation on the envelope and a quick search on Twitter. Google has decided to show some love with this little card which includes a CAD$100 AdWords coupon code which will depreciate into a CAD$75 one the 5th of March to finally expire on March 31st 2010. To get started, the card and the QR Code leads us to ("abondance" for abundance in English)

The online advertising giant as always been creative and generous with their partners by giving away goodies during events or even a free Nexus One to their YouTube partners!

Although we are based in Montreal, Quebec, a French speaking city and province, it is odd that they sent us a card in French when all my communications with Google have been in English in the past as an AdSense Publisher. The second odd thing is that they did not care to put my name on the envelope when they did in the past. At last, the offer is only valid on new AdWords account, which I already have. Nevertheless, a nice paper Valentine's Day card is always nice to receive (plus when there's money in it)!

The Message

Since I assume not all of you understand French, here are the message translations:

Inside of Google Valentine's Day Card
  • Cover: "Certains combleront votre coeur pour la Saint-Valentin.", Some will fill your heart for Valentine's Day
  • Inside 1: "Nous souhaitons surcharger vos serveurs.", We wish to overload your servers.
  • Inside 2: "Car, quel meilleur gage d'amour qu'un traffic gratuit sur votre site Web?", For what better token of love than free traffic to your website?
  • Signed: "Joyeuse Saint-Valentin ! L'équipe AdWords", Happy Valentine's Day! The AdWords Team
  • The details and fine prints will not be translated as it basically spells out the terms and conditions of the offer.

Integrated Marketing Communications with the Superbowl 2010 Ad

The timing could not be more perfect to follow the theme of love of their Parisian Love Superbowl 2010 Ad (it is embedded below for those who missed it last Sunday). This is a good example of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) where a common theme or message is distributed through different channels, here on Television and Print! Let's see if the trend continues of if this love campaign is over.

Google Superbowl 2010 Ad Video "Parisian Love":

Let us know in the comments if you also received this card and how you intend to use it!

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Google Valentine's Day Card Received with $100 AdWords Coupon Co

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Today, we received a Valentine's Day card from Google! With a

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