100,000 Invitations to Google Wave on September 30th

Google Wave Screenshot

On Monday morning, Google has announced that 100,000 invitations to Google Wave will be sent on September 30th. Announced on May 28th at the Google I/O Conference, Google Wave will be a game-changer or that might replace email over time. But as Mashable reports:

"While it looks and feels like email in many ways, its unique hybrid of realtime and message-based communication takes some getting used to. Using applications in-wave, editing other people’s messages, and integrating robots into your conversations are going to confuse and even scare people."

So signup to be notified when it is ready before it is too late. read more »

TweetLater Review: A Twitter Productivity Tool

TweetLater Logo

TweetLater (TweetLater.com) sounds like any other Twitter automated or scheduled tweeting web applications but do not let the name fool you.  It could be considered as one of the most valuable tool for any Twitter Power User.  We could even go as far as to say it is an essential Twitter timesaver.

This review is on TweetLater's free version, we will blog about the professional version in other posts not to divert from the main objective.

Making Twitter Marketing Easier

Social Network Marketing requires a much higher investment in time than other marketing initiatives.  The cost of the tools and ads are minimal compared to online advertising campaigns but building the relationships on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed could go up as to require a dedicated resource for monitoring and responding. read more »

HOW TO: Quickly Remove Your Unwanted Links from Google's Search Results

Weed Out Broken and Unwanted Links

In the past, requesting a page to be removed from Google was a long and untracked process where you had to send a request by using a feedback form. Since 2007, Google has rolled out an new set of tools to speed up the URL removal process on domain names you control through Google Webmaster Tools.  As not many people know about this process, here is a quick how-to to avoid your website promotion efforts to result in a 404 from Google.

Why Proactive Link Checking of Google Search?

Links is the technology that makes web as we know it, but as the Internet, your site may evolve fast.  Through this, there may be human-errors or required changes that may cause unwanted or broken links to be displayed in a Google Search of your site's content.

Dead links can negatively impact your website's promotion and brand in several ways: read more »

Twitter's Strategy Leaked, Could They Crowdsource their Strategy 2.0?

Twitter's Strategy Leaked, Could They Crowdsource their Strategy 2.0?

On Tuesday evening, TechCrunch received over 300 confidential Twitter documents and screenshots. Today they claim they have come to an agreement with Twitter to publish their internal strategy. I will not rehash the Twitter Internal Strategy here and I have already tweeted about this the moment it happened. From the Twitter's blog, they are now really more open than they (ever) wanted to. read more »

Google Reader Social Update, A Step Towards Google Wave?

Teaser Image for Google Reader Social Update, A Step Towards Google Wave?

Over the last year, Google has been receiving increased pressure to become a real-time search engine, something like Technorati and Twitter.  They certainly have the lead in public content search (and advertising) over the Internet but a threatening amount of private and user information have started to surface behind the great wall of Facebook.  Research publications strongly people often rely on word of mouth or recommendations from other people to make their decisions. Although, Google's core strength is search (and lots of math), there is a lot of progress to be done on the social front.

A few hours ago and as reported by TechCrunch and Mashable, Google Reader received a significant upgrade which allowed following, liking and people searching.  You are not the only one to automatically see the link to Twitter and Facebook.  However, they seem to have set the default sharing method to public while offering the option of sharing only between friends.  In the past they have enabled a feature that allowed sharing but was unfortunately set to share by default to selected groups which may not have granted the best success.

A few points of criticism can already be made: read more »

How to Research Two Strategic Marketing Essentials with Google Ad Planner

How to Research Two Strategic Marketing Essentials with Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner is one of my favorite free media planning tool that can help Advertisers find which websites their target audience visits to make better-informed advertising decisions. Since the Google AdWords team recently redesigned the user-interface to facilitates research, it prompted us to write this article for you. Unlike other 3rd party non-Google tools, you can display data using a combination of demographics, geography, Google Search keywords and commonly visited sites.

This is one of the first full articles I will write on promotion strategies, make sure to bookmark this site for further reference!

Using Google Ad Planner as Publishers and Bloggers

Google Ad Planner is rather limited for publishers (website owners, webmaster, bloggers, etc.), there is a variety of other tools for their purpose but here we will show you that you should not completely ignore this tool.

You can use this advertiser tool to can gain some valuable information which can help you better position your website, frame your target audience and know who your competitors are.  Therefore, we will split this article in two sections:

  1. Audience Targeting and Profiling: Who is your audience? I mean, really, their age, gender, income, etc...
  2. Competitive Analysis: Who are your competitors? We like to call them related sites.

As example to guide you through this, we will be using Digg.com since it is a very popular platform aimed at technology geeks.  Disclaimer: The following is not intended to be a full or professional analysis of Digg's marketing position. The data represented are estimates and may change by the time you read this article. read more »

New Social Media Study: Majority Cannot Live Without Social Networks

Anti-Social Media?

Could you survive without your social networks? (Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? MySpace!?)

Tom H. C. Anderson, managing partner at Anderson Analytics, shared the result of their May survey of 5,000 U.S. social media users which attempts to answer this (the answer is: mainly no). Without reposting the entire article, here is a summarized outline:

  • Percentage of respondents could probably do without:
    • Facebook (29%)
    • MySpace (35%)
    • Twitter (43%)
  • On the most valuable network (the report is not clear on how it was calculated since the sum is over 100%)
    • Facebook (75%)
    • MySpace (65%)
    • LinkedIn (30%)
    • Twitter (12%)
  • Usage and reliance on social networks
    • Under 35, for "fun" and contacting friends
    • Older, indispensable for staying in touch with family and close friends

read more »

Regulate Search Engine Marketing And SEO Due to Google's Dominance?

An anonymous guest author at TechCrunch wrote a long but interesting article on the increasing reliance on the Google algorithm. The article goes by giving an analogy as the sole gatekeeper of the traffic each website seeks and his proposed solution is to regulate this by forcing some transparency in the algorithms.

It was a right decision for him to stay anonymous, since the spur of comments give strong counter-arguments to his thesis, e.g.: social media marketing, other search engines, SEO industry business and most importantly, not revealing what made Google: it's algorithm.

What are you thoughts on this, what would happen if all search engine become "open"? read more »

A Five Phased Approach to Successful Blogging

Teaser Image for A Five Phased Approach to Successful Blogging

No, we are not "launching" yet. Today is a milestone as netParticles our web design and development phase is complete and we will start writing and publishing content as opposed to tinkering and finalizing its design and code.

Over the last two months, we have carefully planned and designed this site as a platform to effectively keep you up to date on the latest development in website promotion and marketing. You might wonder how a brand new blog provide website promotion tips for established sites. The answer lies within our experienced professional who will put their writing skills by materializing their knowledge and insights.

Only the Web Design and Development phase is complete? Why don't we simply "launch" as a first post? In our opinion, a successful blog launch and establishment can be broken down into five distinct phases:

  1. Business Plan: Define the purpose of your site, its main audience, its content scope.
  2. Web Design and Development: Design the user interface, code the page and customize your content management system.
  3. Pillar Content Writing: Create a few outstanding articles that will draw new visitors to your website.
  4. Official Launch and Promotion: Launch a promotion and marketing campaign to let the world know about your blog.
  5. Continuous Growth: Feed your reader base by writing at a regular schedule and act on the comments you receive.

This is a rough model on which we will expand on in one of our upcoming posts.

On writing this we have consulted from our own experience but we would also like to highlight these external links which could be useful to you. read more »

Pre-Launch Re-Post

After over three five years of setbacks, we are glad to finally (re)launch the development of netParticles! This website will be providing a wide range of articles, tutorials and resources on website promotion and internet marketing. We will be focusing on how to make the most of the web from a perspective mixed from a bloggers, web publishers, site owners, marketing professional. Since it is mainly web related, we will touching on a vast array of topics ranging from web design to content development.

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